Kylie Brosnan

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About Kylie Brosnan

Kylie has over 23 years' experience in market and social research and evaluation with specialist fieldwork suppliers and full service research houses. Kylie has designed and managed complex data collection methodologies using innovative, technological solutions and in particular has used digital technologies to overcome language and literacy barriers with Humanitarian Migrants, Prisoners and Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to enable them to have a voice and have their views considered in Government policy and decision-making. Kylie is passionate about social, policy and evaluation research with a particular focus on making a difference for vulnerable and at risk community groups in Australia. Kylie is one of Australia's leading research specialists in conducting research and consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people particularly in remote communities. She also undertakes capacity strengthening activities, workshops and strategic planning with Aboriginal owned organisations and their boards. Kylie is currently a candidate for PhD with the University of Queensland to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in digital survey research methods and interactive techniques used to collect data from mainstream and vulnerable target audiences.Two days a week Kylie works for the University of Queensland ARC Linkage Grant as the program manager for the Better Surveys Project.


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