Sue Bell

Company: Susan Bell Research

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Membership Type: Fellow

Member since: 1982-06-01

QPR Accredited

About Sue Bell

I conduct customer, stakeholder and user research. I have three specialties: 1. I conduct user testing of written content. I bring my expertise in the psychology of language to this 2. I developed a qualitative research technique based on sensemaking. Sensemaking is a framework for understanding how people behave when they are uncertain, or when their expectations and assumptions are not met. 3. I conduct Discourse Analysis. I am an experienced researcher in financial services, government policy, food and beverage, the Arts and not-for profits with clients ranging from large financial institutions to small community organisations. I am a Fellow of the Research Society, and a current Board member. My qualifications: BA (Hons) Linguistics and English Graduate Diploma in Psychology Marketing Diploma QPR accreditation Trained in plain language Trained in semiotics Currently studying anthropology I run the boutique research agency Susan Bell Research, based in Sydney


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