Elisa Adams

Company: Sprout Strategy

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Member since: 2003-07-01

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About Elisa Adams

Elisa is the CEO and founder of Sprout Research - The Human Story. Sprout specialises in research, strategy and design thinking. Elisa has been at the forefront of understanding human behaviours and using this knowledge to drive business growth for the past 25 years. Having studied leading edge ways of accelerating business growth in the US and across Europe, she brings this new thinking to Australian clients. Today she works with Australia's leading businesses to deliver transformative growth. Some of her current clients include Telstra, Suncorp, RACQ and Brisbane City Council. Elisa is a passionate crusader of understanding the full human story, using the latest thinking and technology in behavioural economics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and social listening to further understand how we think, feel and behave. For more information on Sprout and Elisa reach out at elisa@sproutresearch.com.ua or visit sproutresearch.com.au.


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