Sinia Sareen

Company: CIRCA, Cultural & Indigenous Research Centre Australia

Membership Type: Full Member

Member since: 0000-00-00

About Sinia Sareen

Sinia has extensive experience working in Mental Health Research, specifically with Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities. Sinia has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons I) from Macquarie University. During her time at university, Sinia spent one year teaching English in rural South Korean schools and completed an empirical thesis investigating how culture, language, and religion impacts partner choice decisions in young Australians. Over the past 3 years, Sinia has been working on the Watch Me Grow for REAL Project, a longitudinal research study investigating the emergence of early-onset childhood mental health disorders in South Western Sydney. Taken together, these experiences have cultivated a passion for creating high quality research which is culturally sensitive, respectful, and centered on building strong relationships with diverse communities and stakeholders.


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