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My name is Angela Gow, and I am a 28-year-old half Spanish half British girl. I am an insightful and diligent psychoanalyst, criminologist, behavior analyst, sociologist, politician, counsellor and author of not only research, but also novels and screen content. My expertise ranges to include all aspects of psychoanalysis, behavior analysis, and investigative psychology. Comfortable in collaborative and independently-driven roles, I am a forward-thinker with refined analytical and critical thinking skills and I can adapt and revise my research, writing and strategies to meet evolving priorities, shifting needs, and emergent issues. I completed my Master’s Degree in Criminology at the International University of Valencia with an overall score of 91,8%. In doing so, I researched and developed a ground-breaking study whereby I conducted psychological and behavioral analysis on a number of known serial killers. This study, which I am also in the process of getting published as a scientific book, was awarded a 100% score by the International University of Valencia’s Academic Court. This research has already been accepted for publication by two Spanish traditional publishers, published as a working scientific paper, and a scientific book proposal based on this research is also currently being reviewed by some academic book publishers for publication. I am also starting a PhD in Psychology and Neurosciences in 2022, in which I will study in depth the role that the level and quality of human intelligence exerts over psychological trauma. The aim of this investigation is to stablishing evidence determining the influence that the level and quality of an individual’s intelligence exerts over the likelihood of suffering from psychological trauma, its seriousness, the individual’s ability to deal with trauma effects, the individual’s responses to trauma and, ultimately, the individual’s ability to heal trauma. Having completed an internship at the Judicial Police of Civil Guard (the main police and military group in Spain), my expertise goes beyond psychoanalysis and forensic psychology to the more practical side of criminal investigations. In this role, I engaged with and advised specialists on the nature and functioning of human trafficking and gender-based violence, and I gained hands-on experience in intelligence analysis, lophoscopy, DNA searching, recompilation, analysis, and matching, the analysis and differentiation of fluids trajectory, and ocular technical inspections. As an analytical thinker, I am also able to swiftly learn and analyse new concepts from a variety of fields and provide significant insight and contributions that enrich the knowledge of others. On a daily basis, I am committed to driving advancements not only in this field but in many others, and diving into areas not previously studied at an in-depth level. I also studied a bachelor’s degree in Politic Sciences, Public Management and Sociology, for which I carried out a final research project titled Mental Control at an Early Age: Characterization and Effects, which achieved recognition for providing incomparable and cutting-edge contribution to the field of sociology, was given the maximum score ever awarded by the specific Academic Court that assessed my investigation, it is published as a scientific preprint, and it is currently being reviewed by a scientific journal for publication. I also have very high IT skills and experience in statistical research and data base software such as SPSS.


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