Chris Martin Murphy

Company: Interface Research & Strategy, The Financial Research Co.

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Member since: 1996-07-01

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About Chris Martin Murphy

Chris Martin Murphy, MA (History, Cambridge UK), QPR (The Research Society), Principal of Interface Research & Strategy and The Financial Research Co. (Established 1998; have consulted to 127 major company Clients to date.) Chris has had 34 years’ experience in senior positions in major advertising agencies in the UK and Australia; 56 years’ experience writing business and marketing plans and strategies; and 49 years’ experience as a market research designer, reporter and/or consultant. Chris has consulted in most business categories, and has to date written 243 business, marketing or advertising plans or strategies for 150 major client companies. His hobbies include lawn bowls, music photography, and performing blues music live (‘Blues Collective’). For the last 11 years, Chris has been a judge of the Australian Advertising Effectiveness Awards and the Tamworth Songwriters’ Association Awards, and for the last 5 years, Chris judged the Cambridge Australia Scholarships.


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