James Holman

Company: Fiftyfive5

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Member since: 2020-09-01

About James Holman

Joining Fiftyfive5 over 4 years ago, James is a strategic thinker who excels in bringing to life rich insights with clear commercial outcomes. He is passionate about delving into the underlying drivers of human behaviour and laddering these up to the ‘so what’ for the business challenge He has taken the lead on large innovation projects and conducted numerous opportunity identification studies for brands and worked to deliver cultural trends deep dives, develop brand positionings & optimise comms for numerous FMCG brands. James holds a BCom(Liberal Studies) with majors in marketing and management from The University of Sydney and has a rich understanding across various methodologies (qualitative, quantitative & cultural insights) enabling him to bring a fresh and pragmatic perspective to any business challenge.


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