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Company: Bulla Dairy Foods

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About Marsha Montebello

Marsha Montebello is an Insight and Innovation professional working at a senior level in the FMCG industry. With over 20 years’ experience in the food, retail and dairy industry, Marsha is known amongst her peers for providing strong thought leadership, innovative solutions and ensuring that the consumer is at the heart of each conversation. A clear strategic thinker, with commercial acumen underpinned by powerful data-driven solutions.Marsha’s drive to implement best practice process to unlock creativity allows her team the take the space and time to focus on the things that make a difference. Her focus on finding the intersection where data becomes insight and insight becomes tangible commercial opportunities has resulted in the commercialisation of many successful new products.Marsha has a genuine interest in creating an environment where her team can thrive and learn. She has skills in understanding what businesses need and then creating a strategic roadmap underpinned by insight to drive successful outcomes.Over the last 10 years Marsha has set up Consumer Insights and Strategy Teams across mid to large organisations with a core purpose to drive meaningful business conversations, unlock growth opportunities and deliver products that meet consumer needs. She understands that having a clear vision, purpose and the right strategies in place is critical to achieving positive business outcomes.Marsha’s experience and skills in Marketing, Insights and Strategy and her ability to lead high-performing teams has been proven through the results of any organisation that Marsha has worked at. Marsha is humble but driven, she doesn’t shy away from tough conversations, she enjoys a challenge and always strives to exceed targets and deliver results.


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