Antonios Meimaris

Company: Newgate Research

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Member since: 2020-07-01

About Antonios Meimaris

I am a research mathematician experienced in Probability Theory and Statistics as well as simulation methods and other advanced analytical techniques used for efficiently solving various optimization problems. Currently, I am a member of the Stochastic Engineering Dynamics Lab at Columbia University, USA. After transitioning from academia to industry, I worked as a Proprietary Quantitative Trader at Snap Innovations Australia, and I am now utilizing my diverse range of skills in problems of high dimensionality to assist Newgate's clients in solving their complex, real-world challenges. I have an extensive career in top-level academic institutions including the University of Liverpool (UK), Columbia University (USA) and most recently, Monash University in Melbourne. During this time, I led world class scientific research resulting in publications across numerous top tier international scientific journals, as well as presented this work at various conferences and research focused institutions, including Caltech and MIT. I hold a Pure & Applied Mathematics degree from the University of Athens, Greece and a Master by Research degree in Decision Making Under Risk & Uncertainty from the University of Liverpool, UK. I recently received my Ph.D. and was awarded the «Postgraduate Publications Award» for my doctoral research from the Department of Econometrics & Business Statistics of Monash University, Australia.


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