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About Scott Maywood-Bryant

Scott has more than 19 years experience in the User Experience (UX) Research & Human-Centred Design field working for large corporations, enterprises and education in both Australia and the U.S. He holds two Masters degrees in Information Studies and Media Arts. He is a strategic as well as academic thinker and has been a sessional lecturer in Information & Interaction Design since 2005. He has contributed a co-authored chapter to a core UX curriculum text (Digital Experience Design: Ideas, Industries, Interaction). He is a compelling speaker and has presented at Web Directions, UX Australia, OZIA conferences on UX and research. He has recently lead the design research practice and customer insight portfolio of large multidisciplinary teams that have adopted Agile and Lean Start-up UX methodologies and is comfortable adapting UX research and design methods to evolving product development processes and emerging technologies. Specialties: Qualitative & Quantitative User Research Methodologies & Management, Human-Centred Design, Remote User Testing, Design Anthropology, Ethnographic Studies, In-depth Interviews, Focus Groups, Usability Testing, A/B & Multivariate Testing, Continuous Improvement & Optimisation Programs, Eye-tracking, Bipolar Emotional Response Testing, Sentiment Analysis, Behavioural & Feedback Analytics, Survey Design, Customer Journey Mapping, Contextual Enquiry, Personas, Use Cases, User Stories, Content Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Card Sorting, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Axure RP Prototyping, Mobile User Experience Site Maps, Wireframes, Budget Management, Research Lab Design, Agile, Lean & Guerilla UX Research Methods, Workshop Facilitation, Presentation Techniques, Video Editing, Gamestorming, Design & Innovation Games, UX Strategy Formulation, Strategic & Team Leadership


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