Seán McNally

Company: Eris Strategy

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About Seán McNally

The founder and Managing Director at Eris Strategy, Seán brings together experience that draws on working in both insight manager and consulting roles. This experience means he focusses on what clients can do to leverage insights for evidence-based strategies that deliver change. Seán McNally’s experience covers working with international and local projects for both small and medium-sized business through to multinational and government organisations. With clients that cover service, manufacturing, retail, and not for not-for-profit sectors for consumer and business-to-business areas, Seán designs research and insight projects that reflect what makes each client’s situation unique. When designing strategies, research, or helping to deliver change, Seán’s focus is understanding what drives decisions and behaviour. Backing his professional experience, Seán holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Sydney, where he investigated how advertising can mould a consumer’s memory for service experience and the impact of their expectations. Seán also has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Diploma in Export Management from the Queensland University of Technology.


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