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About Jacqui Louw

I'm a people-oriented, evidence-based market research analyst and management consultant. I have end-to-end expertise in quantitative and qualitative market research - from designing questionnaires, collecting, analyzing data and reporting back the good and bad news. I love analyzing and visualizing data so that it has 'Aha!' moments and providing follow-up consulting services with user-friendly strategic insights to clients. My preferred tools are Excel, SPSS, Tableau and Qlik Sense. I have worked as a marketing and consumer behaviour researcher and teacher in several industries, particularly in higher education, schools and health sectors. I have written a book, published and presented case studies and research papers at international conferences on consumer behaviour and education. Until 2015, I headed the research division at Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) for seven years where I developed and managed the LEAD suite of school stakeholder surveys and balanced scorecard benchmark tools. I surveyed over 250,000 parents, students and staff and these tools are now being used by 70% of the 210 independent schools in Victoria today. I turned this into a well-known, highly profitable service for ISV. I published this research in the Australian Journal of Education in November 2016. I founded a research and data analytics start-up company (IMO Analytics) in 2015 to channel my passion for data and consulting to provide meaningful strategic insights for clients. I joined Roy Morgan Research in September 2017 as their Research Director, Social and Government.


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