Merryn Spencer

Company: RPS Australia Asia Pacific

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Member since: 2015-08-01

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About Merryn Spencer

Merryn is an experienced researcher, communicator and stakeholder engagement specialist with ten years experience in water, property, energy, government and transport. She is a sharer of knowledge – loves to share thoughts, learnings and opinions with others. She is enthusiastic about combining the complementary practices of research and engagement. Detailed and systematic, Merryn is passionate about deep thought and evidence-based approaches. She appreciates the importance of building relationships by fostering trust and respect between groups and this shows in her active facilitation skills. Merryn is a confident and experienced project manager and social and market researcher specialising in both qualitative and quantitative techniques. She is organised, focused, and has a passion for delivering high quality work, delivering deep insights about customers to feed into strategy.


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