Nyree McKenzie

Company: Thought Bubble Pty Ltd

Membership Type: Associate Member

Member since: 2014-10-01

About Nyree McKenzie

Nyree is the managing director of Thought Bubble, a multi-award winning strategic communications firm that advises public and private sector organisations on customers and stakeholder engagement projects, the evaluation of service effectiveness and efficiency, and strategic positioning and bidding to win significant contracts. With no physical headquarters, Thought Bubble consultants collaborate in a 'one team' virtual environment across two continents and six cities to deliver 24/7 wrap around service to their clients which span government, not-for-profit, and global brands including Fortune 500 companies. Thought Bubble was recently appointed as a preferred supplier to the Queensland Government in the management consulting (business planning and business development) category. In 2017 Nyree founded Bidhive (bidhive.com), a software start-up that is disrupting the global tender and bid management industry and now in early commercialisation. With Nyree's more than 25 years' experience, she provides strategic direction, mentorship and the benefit of her experience advising on projects which have secured billions of dollars in major contracts and funding, in areas including social and civil infrastructure development; primary health care and aged care, employment services, and domestic and family violence response services and support. More clients than can be counted have subsequently achieved 'top' rankings in their sector as precursor M&A, expansion or alliance activities.


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