Webinar: Actionable insights from unstructured data

9th Oct 19


This webinar will examine how to transform unstructured data into actionable insights.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), you will be shown how to build ‘bottom-up’, best-in-class category taxonomies and datasets from social data. This will allow you to observe ‘actual’ consumer behaviour on an unprecedented scale. This can then be used to predict emerging consumer trends earlier than otherwise.

Social Prediction uses AI and data science to go beyond monitoring what’s currently being talked about by consumers to accurately predict what will be most important to them in the future. This is achieved by building consumer defined category datasets from the ‘bottom-up’ and then applying predictive models to identify new and emerging trends.

Although social listening is a top-down exercise, bottom-up learning can create an algorithm that understands the connections between conversations so that you can discover the known unknowns. In so doing, we can find answers to the questions we didn't know to ask.

Learning Objectives:

1.How to remove irrelevant content and noise from social data

2.How to scan social data for new and emerging topics

3.How to make predictions from social data by building consumer defined category sets for the “bottom up.”

How to prioritise these predictions, thereby providing actionable insights for brands.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this webinar, you will have learnt how to predict social trends in your category of interest through developing bottom up “model based on actual consumer behaviour.


Richard Maryniak, Global Chief Insights & Innovation Officer,
Black Swan Data, UK

Richard has over 20 years’ experience working across a breadth of creative, media and strategic agencies.

He has pioneered consumer-centric methodologies working with multiple methodologies to deliver a holistic perspective and growth opportunities for his clients. He is pioneering a new way of integrating data into a deeper level of consumer understanding.

Richard has directed in-depth market studies with MTV, delivered product extensions with the Economist, lead new customer propositions with Unilever, defined Pepsi’s position within far flung markets, explored opportunity areas with News International, inspired product innovation with Samsung and has invented some new brands along the way.

He eves that strategy and innovation are dynamic and good ideas come from great insight and regular interaction with real people. He is a collector of real stories and unique experiences.

Richard has written many articles on insight and the digital space, has judged at the D&AD awards and has been asked to speak on the BBC and Channel 4 (UK).

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