Webinar: Power of Anticipation

3rd Dec 19

This webinar examines how anticipation and influence can be used for acquiring customers. The same elements can also be used for converting customers to brand loyalists.
The concept of triple jeopardy is then introduced, based on anticipation, experience and memories.
In so doing, we will consider a number of practical examples of how researchers can unlock these mechanisms to provide a roadmap of influencers for enabling a client’s brands to grow.
  • Understanding the role of double jeopardy and triple jeopardy in building brands, from a research perspective
  • The importance of measuring anticipation, experience and memories for evaluating brand health.
  • How to use research data to build a strong model for influencing consumer behaviour and enabling brand growth
Learning outcomes:
By the end of this webinar, you will have learnt how to research anticipation, influence and memories, then how to apply this research data for modelling brand growth.
Jason Martuscello
Jason lives and breathes behaviour change. His personal transformation losing over 100 lbs drives his curiosity to source the latest science to deliver cutting edge solutions.
Jason’s work cuts through the jargon, to provide unique insight, and applied solutions to today's most pressing business problems. Jason holds an MSc and an MBA.

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