QPMR Webinar: The future of surveys

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For decades, sample surveys have provided information of value. That value proposition is now threatened by deterioration of sample frames, declining participation, and availability of alternative data sources. Going forward, survey data may increasingly be just one component of information obtained from multiple “big data” sources. Or, they may disappear altogether.


On completion, participants should have a good understanding of:

  • How the twin challenges of under coverage and nonresponse are undermining the survey value proposition.
  • The Total Survey Error Model (TSE) as a tool for understanding potential sources of bias in surveys.
  • How technological, societal, and scientific forces are rendering surveys less useful as a source of customer insight.
  • The challenges researchers now face when doing surveys by telephone.
  • The challenges and opportunities for researchers when doing surveys online, including via mobile devices.
  • The pros and cons of non-probability sampling.
  • The role DIY.
  • The importance of researchers learning to synthesize results across imperfect data drawn from multiple sources.


Reg Baker, USA

Reg Baker is Executive Director of the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII), a not-for-profit organisation affiliated with the University of Georgia and with the mission of fulfilling the essential educational needs of the market research profession.

Reg also consults with a variety of other organisations including the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee and the US Bureau of the Census. He teaches in the Master in Market Research program and Michigan State University and is a member of the Executive Editorial Board of the International Journal of Market Research.

Reg was co-chair of the AAPOR Task Force on Non-Probability Sampling and chaired the AAPOR Task Force on Online Panels. He also is a co-editor of the recently released, Online Panel Research: A Data Quality Perspective.

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