Turbo Training - What is Total Survey Error & Why does it matter?

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In this Turbo Training session Ben Phillips:

  • Introduces Total Survey Error or TSE
  • Explains how the framework can be used to guide research design decisions
  • Discusses how to the framework to help clients understand the implications of design decisions.

Total survey error (TSE) is simply a way of thinking holistically and systematically about the errors that affect all surveys. Understanding the different sources of survey error allows us to make informed choices about trade-offs between different survey errors, provides a framework for making decisions about how best to spend finite resources and provides a structure for conversations with clients and stakeholders about the implications of different research designs.

It divides survey errors—differences between the survey estimate and the true but unobserved value—into errors of measurement (specification error/validity, measurement error, processing error), errors of representation (coverage error, sampling error, non-response error, adjustment error) and inferential error.

TSE is applicable to any survey: from a handful of questions in an online survey of a convenience sample to the Census, and everything in between.

This training will introduce TSE, describe each type of error and then apply TSE in a case study.

Presenter - Ben Phillips – Survey Methodologist, The Social Research Centre

Ben Phillips HeadshotBen is Chief Survey Methodologist at the Social Research Centre in Melbourne. He has worked as a survey researcher and methodologist for 19 years. He moved from Sydney to the U.S. in 1999 to get married and start a Ph.D. in Sociology and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University. Discovering in grad school that he really enjoyed statistics, social research and surveys, he wrote his dissertation on methods for surveys of American Jews and worked at Brandeis’ Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies. In search of more variety in sampling frames and subject matter, he moved in 2010 to Abt SRBI, a U.S. survey research firm, working in its social policy and polling group for clients including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Harvard Business School and the Pew Research Center.

He returned to Australia in 2018 to join the Social Research Centre, where he works on projects including Life in Australia™, Australia’s only probability-based online panel, the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching suite of surveys for the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the Lowy Institute Poll and the Scanlon Foundation Research Institute’s Mapping Social Cohesion Survey. He has worked on surveys across virtually all modes from CATI, online, F2F, IVR and SMS, all stages of the survey lifecycle from proposal writing and sample design to analysis and reporting and has fielded surveys in every continent but Antarctica and South America.

Regardless of whether he’s working or not, he is kept on his toes by three dogs, spouse and son.

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