Online Course 2021 - Create Videos for Storytelling in Research & Insights

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Over three sessions you will learn how to create videos that tell compelling Insight and Research stories.

Session 1 - Audience and Video

In session 1 we explore:

  • The key facts for why video and moving images work better than a text-only approach
  • Who is yours and what do they want to watch?
  • Creating a video content strategy that works for you and your audience
  • Examples to inspire
  • 5 things that make for great video content with examples
  • What content matters to your audience?

Session 1 Activity - What kind of videos should you be making?

  • What your video must do and why?
  • Working to find the best way to frame your insights to have the greatest impact on the intended audience.

Session 2 - Scripting your story and storyboarding, image and video sourcing

Learn the best practices for planning and scripting your videos, and how to use the best images and videos libraries available on the web.

Session 2 Activity - Getting Ready

Write your script and plot your storyboard

Session 3 - Adobe Spark Tutorial

Learn how to use Adobe’s fast drag and drop online video creation tool.

Session 3 Activity - Make your video

  • Through a create and learn activity, participants will make their own insight video using sourced material including photos and video on the Adobe Spark platform.
  • Once confident, participants will use their own storyboard and sourced images to create a personalised insight video.

Presenter - Paul McGhie, Video Producer

Paul is an award-winning filmmaker, who has been making films for the past 15 years both in short and long-form. His work has been screened across the world at festivals and on UK TV.

Paul’s work within film and video production has always been with a focus on hand-made, do-it-yourself projects. He believes anyone can make a great film or take a great picture with just a little know-how and a lot of passion.

Event information

11th Oct 21 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
18th Oct 21 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
25th Oct 21 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Start Time:
NSW | ACT | VIC | TAS: 3:30 pm -  5:30 pm
QLD: 2:30 pm -  4:30 pm
SA: 3:00 pm -  5:00 pm
NT: 2:00 pm -  4:00 pm
WA: 12:30 pm -  2:30 pm

Arrival Time:
5 mins before start time - please make sure you have downloaded the program and be ready to start.

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