Masterclass 2019 - The Art & Science of interpreting Data


Today customer insight professionals need to draw on a wide range of complex, often imperfect, evidence in identifying key insights to help drive their organisation’s growth and profitability. This requires going beyond traditional data analysis into a more holistic sensemaking approach to reviewing and integrating all the different evidence sources.
In this Masterclass, which will run over two sessions, we will take you through the art and science of interpreting today’s data. Specifically, we will provide you with a framework – the Seven Analysis Frames toolkit – for making sense of evidence.


The Masterclass will teach you:
  1. How to make sense of multiple evidence sources and quickly get to grips with the big information picture - and not get lost in the minutiae of the data.
  2. How to evaluate the robustness of different evidence sources using up-to-date, realistic and pragmatic analysis criteria.
  3. How to compensate for any shortfalls in imperfect data in order to complete the information picture.
  4. How to use different enabling techniques to reframe data to get at the heart of its relevance and true meaning.
  5. How to follow a holistic analysis framework to assess data and help identify key insights.
  6. How to build the evidence platform for constructing a compelling insight based story.

Learning outcomes

After this Masterclass participants will:
- Be able to go beyond what are becoming outdated analysis concepts and techniques for evaluating the robustness of today’s consumer evidence by using a holistic framework for assessing different sources of evidence.
- Have the confidence and capability to build the insight story by being able to draw on a mix of quantitative, qualitative and other data sources.
- Be able to help to action insight by authoritatively engaging with stakeholders about the big business picture and explaining what the insight evidence – story – is saying.

Who is this course intended for?

All market and social research professionals interested in further developing their skills in interpreting market research evidence, whether it be qualitative or quantitative.

David (DVL) Smith

David is a Director of DVL Smith. DVL Smith undertakes insight research projects, provides business consultancy and runs skills development programmes.
David founded DVL Smith Ltd over 25 years ago. The agency became a Top 10 UK market research agency, evolving to become Illuminas Global. David served as Chairman and CEO of Illuminas, before reintroducing DVL Smith as a consultancy.
He is a former Vice President of ESOMAR and also a former Vice President and Chairman of the UK Market Research Society (MRS). David is a Visiting Professor at the University of Hertfordshire Business School. He is a Fellow of the Market Research Society, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and also a Fellow of the Institute of Business Consultants.

David has written numerous papers and articles on marketing intelligence and is the author of 'Inside Information – Making Sense of Marketing Data' and also 'The Art and Science of Interpreting Market Research Evidence', both published by John Wiley. His latest book is The High Performance Customer Insight Professional: How to make sense of the evidence, build the story and turn insights into action.
David is the holder of the MRS Silver Medal, and in 2007 he was awarded ESOMAR’s prestigious John Downham Award for Excellence in Marketing Intelligence. David has won numerous best paper awards from the Market Research Society and ESOMAR including the Best Overall Paper at the 2013 ESOMAR Congress. In 2015 David was awarded by AURA the Alan Hawks Award for Driving the Insight Industry Forward.
David holds a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree (with Distinction) and a PhD in Organisational Psychology from the University of London. He is a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society.

Session details

Session One: An overview of the seven Analysis Frames approach for understanding and interpreting data
In the first session we will review in a step-by-step way each of the seven Analysis Frames that make up our holistic analysis process. Below is a summary of each of the seven Analysis Frames.
  • The Decision Frame: How to identify the true business question
  • The Discovery Frame: How to review your data and identify the key evidence
  • The Strategy Frame: How to see the big picture at the start of your analysis
  • The Evaluation Frame: How to establish if your evidence is robust
  • The Experience Frame: How to apply your judgement to the analysis
  • The Enrichment Frame: How to apply creativity to your analysis
  • The Holistic Frame: How to build the holistic picture
Session Two: Applying the seven Analysis Frames holistic analysis approach in practice
In the second session we focus on demonstrating how this analysis approach can deliver actionable insights. Working with different practical examples and illustrations we will look at how to deal with various complexities in addressing different analysis challenges.

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