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The Research Society provides live Conferences in different states to ensure our community has access to new and exciting content in their home town.


Exploring how government and industry can work together to deliver better value for citizens through better leveraging data, evidence and insights.

In the 21st Century, the public service and its suppliers need to: have high levels of data literacy; understand how to source and apply high quality evidence; and know how to generate meaningful insights to design and deliver more effective policies, programs and services.

The conference is for members and non-members of The Research Society and aimed at all people who use, buy, deliver

Or have an interest in using evidence to inform better decisions in the public sector, and beyond.

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2019 ACT Conference


Addressing Social Isolation and Loneliness: Insights and perspectives through research and evaluation.

Despite technology advancements making us more connected than ever loneliness and social isolation is recognised as an emerging public health issue…some warn ‘epidemic’.

Government, community and commercial agencies are focused on understanding, evidencing and refining policies, programs and services that can help address the issue. Research and evaluation plays an important role in supporting this.

Unfortunately we had to postpone the scheduled Symposium in March due to Coronavirus. We will be rescheduling this event.

You can view the program below

2019 ACT Conference


For our West Coast Members, we host a half-day Conference showcasing topical speakers from around Australia and visiting international thought leaders.

The format usually encompasses Keynote Speakers, local speakers, workshops.

We also bring the winners of the National Conference to present to our Members for this great afternoon/evening of networking and learning.



South Australian students following market research courses were invited to take part in a competition. Come and hear the top students in market research present their ideas, and get the opportunity to meet them face to face. The best students will be presented with an award on the night.

We also bring the winners of the National Conference to present to our Members and Students for this great afternoon/evening of networking and learning.

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