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Careers in Market and Social Research

Why choose a career in Market and Social Research?

Market research offers the chance to work in a wide variety of areas – from fast moving consumer goods, to car marketing, financial products, pharmaceuticals, media – in fact almost anything you can think of. In a market research company, you will have the opportunity to work on lots of these products at the same time, making every day fascinating and different.

You also get to learn how various businesses work from the inside, and particularly every aspect of the marketing chain. You will learn the important analytical and communication skills that you can use in almost any business walk of life.

In social research you have the opportunity to help government authorities plan communications strategies to make us a healthier community, save lives, build a sustainable future, or to conduct polls that shape our political direction.

Over time you will have the opportunity to specialise, perhaps in specific research techniques, or on types of products and services that most interest you. Market and social research is one of the best ways to become a ‘guru’ on a product, a service, or an entire industry. Good researchers with strong expertise command high incomes and employment packages with many additional benefits.